Five Things You Need to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Medford Oregon

To hire a Attorneys Medford Oregon net is a critical decision. Especially if you are about to leave a long-term marriage and there is a need to divide your debts and assets, Who you get to represent yourself will determine how well you do financially after a divorce.

Follow along with us as we talk about five important things to think about.


Any attorney firm you contemplate hiring need to have substantial experience in taking care of divorce cases in Medford Oregon. An experienced law person will possess the know-how on what to expect from the judges in your jurisdiction. In turn, they could use this knowledge to your advantage.

Also, the attorney should specialize primarily in the field of family law and divorce. If your situation is unique, in that either you or your spouse are gay or military, be sure to find someone skilled in handling such cases.


One needs to find out what former clients said concerning the attorney you are about to hire as it is the best way to decide whether the attorney is an excellent choice or not.

What if you do not know someone who fits this description? Then, you should think of requesting a list of clients whom you can contact so they may offer details regarding their experience with the attorney.

Another brilliant idea is to get hold of the state bar association to determine if any of the attorney’s former clients had grievances.

Communication With the Divorce Lawyer

Once a client is unhappy with a divorce lawyer, one of the most common issues is they have a lack of communication from with the attorney.

Your lawyer should be prompt and always ready to respond to any emails, phone calls, or even meetings.

Besides learning what former clients have to say concerning the levels of professionalism they experienced, you need to ask them about the office policy they stick to.

Clients must be more than happy with the communication level and the connection they developed with their attorney. It is a case of being understood and knowing the attorney is a genuine advocate for what is right.

Attorney Fees

From the time you make your first appointment, inquire about their consultation fees. Some law firms will offer an initial consultation at no cost. However, many divorce attorney will charge in the region of $100 to $200 per hour.

Make it your business to know what their hourly charge would be as well as what you can expect regarding the up=front retainer. In certain instances, the retainer can be refunded. Also, how regularly will you receive invoices, detailing their expenses and hourly costs?

Be persistent on getting a signed contract that clearly states the fee agreement before committing yourself.

Be At Ease With the Attorney

Everything mentioned over here is critical. However, ensure you ask yourself one more thing before you hire a divorce attorney.

Are you confident and feel comfortable in your skin in their presence and do you trust their judgment? Do they appear to be genuinely concerned about your wellbeing and would they go the extra mile to advocate for you when facing a divorce?

It may take a few meetings with your divorce attorney to establish if they are indeed making the right choice regarding your scenario. Do not feel rushed when contracting an attorney until you are entirely sure they are right for you.

If there is no clear-cut answer to this, then you should keep searching. Divorce cases are way too important to hand it over to someone who does not earn your confidence.

Your attorney needs to provide solutions for handling issues such as the dividing of assets during a divorce proceeding

During any divorce, either spouse would have to divide their marital estate, which includes both debts and assets. To divide assets can be just as crucial as dividing marital debt as both of these impacts the net worth contributed post-marriage.

If you have questions about any divorce-related topic, whether it the dividing of debt, child custody, assets that you had before tieing the knot, or anything else, consult your local Medford Oregon family law attorney for their take on the matter.